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What makes a person a slut


The basic premise of the movie is that Anna reads an article about women who sleep around which claims that women with 20 or more partners can never get What makes a person a slut. So when does sexual behavior give you valuable information about someone?

Neither of these things, if proven wrong through getting to know someone would affect how I feel about their value as a partner. A new Thought Catalog series exploring our connection to each other, our food, and where it comes from. It absolutely is the business of others. Society has the prerogative to determine its ideals — sexual or otherwise. If an individual degrades his or herself, society has the right to deter such behavior in order enforce a collective morality in the non-religious sense.

However, it definitely should be applied to both genders. What makes a person a slut anything, it should be applied more stringently to men in order to eliminate the notion that a man with many partners is somehow of greater value. I appreciate your candor, but your thinking has a long way to go. There is such a thing as being happy with the same person for 60 years. Our generation is so fickle and politically correct and distracted and shallow that now monogamy is like some rare genetic anomaly.

A serial monogamist merely wants someone to come home to as opposed to someone What makes a person a slut special. There are plenty of non-monogamous people who sleep around because they just want a warm body to lie next to.

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I read an article recently that discussed how infidelity is a growing problem among the Millennial generation. The primary theory put forth was that a higher number number of sexual partners played a large role. It seems completely plausible: It will probably still be seen as a wrong against the relationship — just not as egregious as it was in previous generations. As such, with the reduced stigma of promiscuity, infidelity will rise. I just take issue with equating all monogamists with individuals who are poorly adjusted and codependent.

But one of my friends has had sex with 12 people and been in relationships with 3 or 4 of those people. Judging a What makes a person a slut by their number is ignoring the fact that human beings can mature and change. It is close-minded, not to mention completely unfair to those women who have actively chosen to change. What Is the Biological Basis of Consciousness? Will Malthus Continue to Be Wrong? What Makes Someone a Slut? Thank you for trimming down that What makes a person a slut. Because it is really just making people feel ashamed about sex.

But somehow people think it does? Can we just stop being so sex-negative all the time? Like, omg, there was a boob on television. Or, omg, a woman was breast feeding in public. Why do things that make you think about sex have to be so terrible? Yes, this is a little off the topic. Being politically correct is a "What makes a person a slut" dream, a farce covering opinions and the actual truth.

I seem to be in the extreme minority here, but I honestly can say as a 21 year old male that I disagree with the general consensus of this article. And yes, that includes not just female friends, but my male friends too—even some of my best friends. Oh and just a couple disclaimers here: I am calling them a slut because they are placing their own worth on their sexual activity, and I think that is pathetic.

There are two kinds of people I consider a slut, and if you do not fit this list, I do not care how promiscuous and sex-loving you are. People who use sex manipulatively. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. You may unsubscribe at any time.

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A website by Thought. More From Thought Catalog. Or we could just make the term non-gender specific and apply it equally to men…. This had other places to go but ended so quickly.

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By FAR the worst thought catalog article I have ever read. But is it true love in the rectum? I reserve my right to think someone is a slut. The word is not meant to be nice. Get our newsletter every Friday! By societies standards? Quite a bloody lot.

For females- * If you wear What makes a person a slut sort of revealing clothing, it's because you're an insecure slut who wants the attention. The question isn't whether this says something about the person, it's what it says and whether it makes them unworthy of dating.

If someone has. A good person. Do I screw up? Sure. Do I make mistakes? Absolutely. Big ones? Sometimes. Have I done things I regret?

Yes. Have I done.