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As you may already know, we are developing a social media platform for adult content where you can post all sorts of hot stuff. We wanted to give you an update which walks you through our multistage implementation process, our goals and Tiny breasts tumblr deadlines we have.

We ask that you please read this entire statement, as it should answer a number of your questions and concerns! Backend We focused HEAVILY on the backend so that we are prepared to handle an enormous amount of data, so we can properly balance the load of all of our users and their content.

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We have multiple servers to handle the uploading, viewing, sharing, re-blogging, commenting, liking and more. This stage is nearly complete.

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Cumblr Web App We are creating an easy to use web-app for all of our users so they can start uploading their blogs, or so they can create a brand new one.

Our web-app is currently in development and the beta is nearing completion. Our development team is confident that we will have the beta version open to the public on or before the evening of Monday, December Tiny breasts tumblr.

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Tiny breasts tumblr At this time, you will be able to create an account and get going with posting all the things that make you cumblr. If you have followed the instructions on how to save your blog as a ZIP file, we are working on a method of allowing you to upload it to cumblr.

The great news is, if you have already saved your blog to a ZIP: As long as you have saved your zip file, you will be able to upload it to cumblr at any time.

Just make sure you follow the steps to download your old blog. Cumblr Mobile Optimization Once the web-app is complete, it will be very easy to touch up the front end to run smoothly on mobile devices.

We are hoping to have a sound mobile optimization by end of the month. We will be releasing Android and iOS apps.

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With this in mind, there is a very good chance that Apple and Google Play will not allow us to be on their app stores. We will be transparent with both Apple and Google when asking them if we can be on their stores.

We will comply with all of their terms and conditions. If we are still denied the opportunity to be on their stores, we Tiny breasts tumblr provide direct Tiny breasts tumblr links to our application which you can download at your own discretion. We aim to get this going in the next few months. Monetization for Cumblr, and its users We currently rely on your generous donations, and we thank you for being so supportive already!

Stage 4 will include a number of ways to implement monetization. Cumblr will always be free for our users, but we will offer additional perks and benefits with some form of optional, paid subscription.

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Those of you who Tiny breasts tumblr posting stories, pictures, videos etc, of yourselves or you are working with a group or team to produce any original content ; we plan to allow YOU to make money with our platform as well.

This is scheduled to be implemented over a month timeframe. We also plan to serve relevant, sponsored posts from niche markets which will help us continue to grow. These posts will allow us Tiny breasts tumblr continuously update our website and make it the best platform for the community.

Illicit Content Detection and Removal Over time, we plan to develop additional methods of detecting, and automatically removing certain content, which will be outlined in our terms of service. We hope to begin development of these features within months of initial release. Fighting illegal content will be a major focus here at Cumblr.