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Ebony for sale uk


We are members of Ebony for sale uk Timber Trade Federation which requires us to report under their Responsible Purchasing Policy each year. This helps us meet the EUTR law. We are aware that Ebony for sale uk suppliers do not make as public a statement as we do about meeting the law and environmental requirements. Remember to ask about your suppliers policy and how they meet the law.

We carry a variety of different timbers from around the world. These do vary in availability, and this list should be taken as a guide. Please call for specific stocks. To see some of the trade timbers press the 'Link button' to take you to our Timber Supplies page. Bog Oak - from East Anglia. We currently have two types of Cocobolo as pictured above. This has resulted from our supplier having mixed stock.

The two are very similar and the difficulty in identifying them has resulted in our supplier and us putting them together under one heading. This stock is taken from new growth logs and is subject to stringent Ebony for sale uk regulation that, along with the small log sizes, somewhat limits the range of sizes that can be offered. Lignum Vitae - Palo Santo wood.

We import these species directly from Eastern Australia. It took us some time to find a suitable supplier. We can now select the burrs, squares and rounds that we want. It does take some time, as you can imagine to select the timbers required and get them half way round the world.

Normally this is some months in total. This means that Ebony for sale uk do not always have everything in stock. Pop in and have a look at what is available, the stock is Ebony for sale uk changing.

Many people have asked us what the Banksia Nut is, after some research courtesy of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, we found that Banksia Grandis - to give its full name, is "Ebony for sale uk" large shrub to small tree growing up to 9 metres with huge yellow inflorescences.

In the wild, it occurs from Mount Lesueur to Cape Leeuwin in southwestern Western Australia in sand on the coastal plain, in woodland and heath.

It is common in laterite in the Jarrah forest of the Darling Plateau near Perth. Grows in the "Ebony for sale uk" west corner of Western Australia. Under ideal conditions the tree grows metres in height and 2 metres Ebony for sale uk diameter. The bark is red-brown when fresh, weathering to grey. The timber is deep-red to red-brown, medium hardness and heavy. Straight grained but sometimes contains fiddle back also called Ebony for sale uk grain.

Used for furniture making, turning and carving. Colour can range from dark brown to greenish yellow. Some turners soak the root in water before turning to keep the dust to a minimum. Many of these timbers may cause respiratory and irritant problems, it is advisable to use suitable breathing, eye protection and gloves when working them. WLW - Mini Brochure.

We are members of: Contact Us Enquiry Form. Quercus Robur Sourced from the East Anglian fens Carbon dated to years old Limited supply Inky black to very dark brown Bog Oak was created when prehistoric forests were submerged under water and silt in anaerobic conditions thousands of years ago. Dalbergia melanoxylon Other names: Mozambique ebony, mpingo, pau preto Originates: Eastern Africa The narrow sapwood is yellow-white in stark contrast to the heartwood which is dark purple-brown to black.

Exotic Hardwoods UK Ltd, Staffordshire...

Strong and tough in every way, severe blunting effect on tools, TCT tipped tools are recommended, difficult to work, but turns well. Typically used in Ebony for sale uk instruments, and ornamental Ebony for sale uk. Dalbergia frutescens Other names: Pinkwood, bois du rose Originates: Guibourtia demeussi Other names: African rosewood, kevasingo Originates from West Africa A quality cabinet and turnery timber.

Firm, solid and stable. The grain is straight or interlocked. Fine pores may contain a reddish gum. The texture is fairly coarse but even, and surfaces can be highly lustrous. Light pinkish brown in colour often lightly veined in red. Resembles some of the lighter Ebony for sale uk rosewoods. Sapwood is usually grey to ivory. The name kevasingo is used by the veneer trade and applies only to rotary cut veneers.

Metopium brownii Other names: Black poison wood, Honduras walnut Origininates from Belize Yellowish brown maturing to walnut brown with fine texture and markings, suggesting figured walnut, but heavier. Dalbergia retusa We currently have two types of Cocobolo as pictured above. Grandillo Mexico Originates from the pacific regions of Central America and extending from Panama to south western Mexico. Sapwood is light cream to dingy white in colour. Heartwood, when freshly sawn, becomes a deep orange red with black striping or mottling on exposure.

The wood has a fine texture, with a very variable grain.

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Very Ebony for sale uk and easy to work with Ebony for sale uk saws and cutting edges are kept sharp. It takes stains and polish readily, but is unsuitable for gluing. Used for cutlery handles, brush backs, small tool handles, Ebony for sale uk and small decorative items. Dalbergia tucurensis Other names: Columbia Dark brown Dense, difficult to work, finishes to a beautiful lustre.

Calycophyllum multiflorum Other names: Castelo Box, Genero Lemonwood Originates: Central and South America Pale yellow to beige in colour. Fine grain, good to work. Alternative to European boxwood. Used for inlay work and for archery bows. Genuine lignum vitae is currently only possible for import with Cites export and import documentation. In practice this means there is not a lot coming through. Greenish brown to brown with a tight and pronounced interlocked "Ebony for sale uk," very dense, waxy — with self lubricating qualities, hard wearing in almost all the contexts in which lignum vitae has traditionally been used.

Finer textured and denser than African ebony but with a limited and erratic supply. Very durable Typically used for sculpture, carving, fine turnery, piano keys and other musical instruments. Olea europaea Other names: Southern Europe An attractive wood with tan heartwood, brown streaks, sometimes an almost green tint. Close grain, shallowly interlocked. Strong and hard wearing. Not the easiest to work, but does plane and turn well. Blunts tools fairly quickly Size is limited, so used for smaller items such as boxes, decorative turnery, handles etc.

Pterocarpus soyauxii Other Names: Barwood, camwood Originates from West Africa.

The main black ebony of...

The sapwood is of an oatmeal colour, the heartwood varies from blood red to dark brown, with red streaks. The grain is straight top slightly interlocked and the texture is moderately coarse. Very durable, it works excellently and takes a first class finish. Used for furniture and cabinet making, also used for carving. Euxylophora paraensis Other names: Brazilian Satinwood, Sateenwood Originates from Brazil Bright clear yellow with a lustrous and often deep ribbon figure. Useful as a Satinwood substitute.

Caesalpinia paraguanensis Other names: Brown ebony Originates from Paraguay Dense and glassy deep coffee brown with "Ebony for sale uk" layered structure like wenge but much finer textured resulting in a classic 'partridge wing' figure on slab sawn faces. The wood has a pinkish red striped figure. The wood is tough, hard and heavy. Fairly difficult to work with hand tools. The wood glues, sands and stains well, and can be brought to Ebony for sale uk highly polished finish.

Non-durable Traditionally used for furniture, interior joinery, carving, inlay, chess pieces. London's Premier Specialist Timber Merchants | Established The main black ebony of commerce and a mainstay of our business.

of any email you receive from Ebony for sale uk, or by contacting us at [email protected] Ash (Fraxinus Excelsior UK) Air Dried Woodturning Blanks.

Ash (Fraxinus Ebony (Dipspyros Crassiflora Africa) Kiln Dried Woodturning Blanks. Please note .

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Ebony for sale uk

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Eyes open orgasms with casual sex?? Origin: Africa. Properties: Famed for its black finish, the strength of ebony is well known. After seasoning the wood needs little maintenance due to the oils it. The main black ebony of commerce and a mainstay of our business. of any email you receive from us, or by contacting us at [email protected]

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Ebony black Epiphone SG G400 in Ebony Black with Hard Case for sale / UK... Hi Lovelies, In this video i unbox and review what i feel is one the

  • Results 1 - 48 of 78 Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Ebony Craft Exotic Indonesia Ebony Lumber Wood Box Blank Handle Scales Pistol Grip DIY UK .. Bass Guitar Ebony Pegs macassar ebony on sale diospyros.
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  • The main black ebony of commerce and a mainstay of our business. of any email you receive from us, or by contacting us at [email protected]
  • Trade & Shop: Mon to Fri - 8am to 5pm Email: [email protected] . Our stock is a mix of African Ebony - Diospyros crassiflora and Indian Ebony - Diospyros. Hardwood Timber Merchant UK. Take a Look at our RSS · YouTube. Surrey Timbers Exotic timber Hardwood lumber English woods Wood sale Turning blanks.
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During country of origin; Camaroon, Gaboon, Nigeria etc. Mostly jet glowering but sometimes streaked or besprinkled with grey brown. Hard and heavy and can be worked to a superb level of finish. Over many years we have developed careful production mechanisms that result in ebony that is dry, stable and in good condition.

The accuracy and quality of our product is vastly superior to African film and our wood does not suffer the stability problems that arise from the hurried kiln drying methods used by others. The coloured grades of African ebony can be extremely enticing. There is a growing acceptance and use of these coloured grades and an understanding that it makes sense to utility this wonderful timber in a more responsible fashion.

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  • Origin: Africa. Properties: Famed for its black finish, the strength of ebony is well known. After seasoning...
  • I am trying to find out where I can buy Ebony wood blanks in UK? . Carboot sales sometimes throw...
  • London's Premier Specialist Timber Merchants | Established
  • Woodwise UK Exotic Timbers Ltd is an independent business based in Staffordshire. We...

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