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I grabbed a fist full of her and fucked her deep.

She moaned out loud, taking my cock, like a good girl. Spread your legs baby, let mommy play with you. She will stay there, hands on the window, clamped tits presented to the world, until her pussy produces enough grool to drip onto the mirror.

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When her pussy succeeds, she will be allowed to put her hands behind her back, kneel, and pleasure his cock with her mouth. Sometimes this meant they spent the entire morning in the hotel room, waiting for her pussy to cooperate. Yes baby, I know how sensitive they are.

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Yes, I know how much playing with them makes your clitty ache. She was acting out, talking back, forgetting her tasks, loosing her focus on us.

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She pouted, then left the room to get changed. She came out in her uniform and stood in the doorway, waiting for me to tell her what to do next.

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Posts Ask me anything Archive. I stopped pumping her.

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There is a mirror on the floor between her legs. She will not be touched outside an occasional ass grab when he feels like it.

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