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Sad ass strippa lady


Lyrics submitted by timeforheroes. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and Sad ass strippa lady. Lady Sovereign — Sad Arse Stripper.

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Add it to our wiki. This is not a dream Its a fuckin nightmare you bitch! WananaWanaWannaWannaBee WanaBe Sad Ass stripa in a messed up way get "Sad ass strippa lady" the car and drop your hairsprays WananaWanaWannaWannaBee WanaBe Sad ass strippa in a messed up way how the fuck did you get airplay fuckin fake fuckin fake jenny from the block more like jenny from a flock of a pigeons what class a drug did the put in the chicken? Chorus I have come to fuck up your career Bitch dont fuck around with this titch yeah I have come to really take the piss and you will take this lyrical diss Happy Birthday!

You been chattin about yer gucci thong but how many weeks bitch have you had it on eww i can tell by your dances that its somewhere stuck up your bum eww WananaWanaWannaWannaBee WanaBe burberaaay sann Sad ass strippa lady wen Sad ass strippa lady gonna leearrn to speeaak propalaaayyy Who gives a shit anyway!? Sad Arse Stripper song meanings.

Add your thoughts 5 Comments. This is exactly what i love about Sov, she takes the micheal out of people who are talentless and make shite! Who gives a damn? Can't belive no one has comented on this song it's so funny. I love her accent, and her music is always very catchy, she also has some good lyrics with plenty humour. I normally hate rap RnB etc normally love Sad ass strippa lady and music with meanings and passion to them but i do think Lady Sovereign is talented!

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General Comment Totally agree with you there indieandrockfan. I'm not normally into rap or anything, but Lady Sovereign is an exception. General Comment ah but I like jentina General Comment can anyone send me this song at agapy- mail. Log in Sad ass strippa lady to add this track to your mixtape!

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Lyrics of SAD ASS STRIPPA by Lady Sovereign: Jentina this is not a dream, THIS IS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE YOU BITCH!, wanna wanna. "Bad Ass Strippa" is the debut single by Jentina from her eponynomus debut Sad ass strippa lady, Jentina The track was later parodied by British hip hop/grime MC Lady Sovereign with its name changed to "Sad Arse Stripah".

In"Bad Ass Strippa". Sad Sad ass strippa lady Strippa This song is by Lady Sovereign. Jentina This is not a dream It& #39;s a fucking nightmare you bitch! WannaWannaWannaBe Wanna Be.

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