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How would "Citi mortgage assholes cocksuckers" like to make half a million dollars a year playing bridge? To understand the popularity of House of CardsWilliam D. The New York Times bestseller ably details how Bear Citi mortgage assholes cocksuckers was brought down last year by a combination of high leverage, overinvestment in bum mortgage-backed securities, and a snowballing loss of confidence.

Nor does he emerge as the bad guy in Bear Trapa passionate cri de coeur by Bill Bamber, a former Bear senior managing Citi mortgage assholes cocksuckers for derivatives, and literary agent Andrew Spencer. Both books focus on the period from March 10 through March 17,when Bear Stearns, abandoned by customers and lenders, became insolvent and was consumed, with government help, by JPMorgan Chase.

The similarity ends there. If your goal is to find out what happened at Bear Stearns, House of Cards is your book. Although Cohan at times seems bent on reporting every conversation and anecdote he has collected, he has put together an excellent narrative.

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Many of the facts are new, including interesting details of a health crisis that laid up Cayne and spooked his inner circle in They cram it with similes, festoon it with allusions and curlicues, and, Citi mortgage assholes cocksuckers possible, throw in an adverb or three. This passage is telling in another way. According to this explanation, Bear was selected for punishment by the Wall Street colleagues it had snubbed 10 years earlier among them future Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, who was then working at Goldman Sachs by declining to join a team assembled by the Federal Reserve to bail out the broken LTCM hedge fund.

Flip to page of Bear Trapand you can find this speculation from Bamber and Spencer: But whatever Citi mortgage assholes cocksuckers reasoning, [refusing to bail out LTCM] was a professional posture, much like the prison guard refusing to bend the rules. Then swing on down to page 59 of Citi mortgage assholes cocksuckers of Cardsand dig this cryptic, anachronistic, maybe-regretful-maybe-not koan from Jimmy Cayne himself: After the death of Bear Stearns itself the following March, historians speculated that, had he been allowed to stay, Spector might have headed off the disaster.

Meanwhile, "Citi mortgage assholes cocksuckers" Trap turns the decline of Spector into an ecumenical novena: Spector had died for our sins, making him some Citi mortgage assholes cocksuckers of Bear Stearns Christ figure, I suppose. The LTCM-revenge scenario in particular seems compelling.

Nevertheless, the anger about the discount window expressed by Cayne and his successor as CEO, Alan Schwartz—and Bamber, for that matter—reveals more about these protagonists than any tales of their extravagant lifestyles or looter mentalities. The emergency opening of the discount window allowed investment banks access to very large medium-term credit lines, with interest rates more attractive than you or I, no matter how good our credit scores, will ever see in our Citi mortgage assholes cocksuckers of life on Earth.

Bamber and Spencer give this question a special flavor, because their narrative is one of blindness, a week in the life of a middle manager who is getting no guidance from his bosses and hearing louder and more convincing rumors of disaster.

At one point he calls all the suspects into the drawing room to announce that he will get to the bottom of this: We invite comments and request that they be civil and on-topic.

We do not moderate or assume any responsibility for comments, which are owned by the readers who post them. Comments do not represent the views of Reason.

We reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason at any time. Tim, I am guessing that this is the A1 story Citi mortgage assholes cocksuckers your local rag that you reference in your review: Cavanaugh - you're a top-notch financial reporter Quantitative easing is fucking all the Austrian brothers up They suck because its fucking working!!!! Oh - and Rush Limbaugh is the redneck hero! The bond market is continuing to collapse. For those, like shrike, who don't know what QE is, its the Treasury buying its own bonds at auction to keep the price up.

RC, I wish I could bet against you for a living. You got us into this mess. Okay, since I see nobody else has said it yet, I will. Bill O'Reilly is a cum-guzzinging cocksucker. I aonly wish to meet this cocksucking whore 1-on Sorry, I am not responsible, I have no personnel "Citi mortgage assholes cocksuckers" now and have paid off all previous personnel debts.

Also while I agree that deadbeat debtors bear large part of the responsibility, there are two sides to a debt. If you are dumb enough to lend to someone who can't pay you back then you are part of the problem too.

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They failed in the no. Also, I'm with Joel. I don't believe in this collective guilt, we-have-all-sinned-in-our-hearts crap. I have never defaulted on anything. Never even had a late payment. Wow, is Shrike for real? Or is he some kind of insane flame-troll? Nahh, I hate racist assholes - so fuck you too. Anyone who did not see the unsupportable debt structure being built was Citi mortgage assholes cocksuckers paying attention.

A simple look at housing and new car prices versus income levels and incurred debt public and private was all the information that any thinking person of any political persuasion needed to be fully informed that a huge scam of some sort was being perpetrated.

I know nothing about Bear Stearns, and do not care much. Ditto for the Fed, Long Term Capital, or bridge. I can do arithmetic, and saw a long time ago that something phony was going on, and everybody seemed to want a piece of it. Suck it up, at least we do not live in North Korea The more Citi mortgage assholes cocksuckers look this problem over, the more inclined I am to think of this as something done on purpose, by somebody.

I'm just some schlub who reads the economist. But as this was all building up I was looking "Citi mortgage assholes cocksuckers" at all these insane people Citi mortgage assholes cocksuckers assumed that all housing prices would double every 5 years.

And the appraisers who would appraise for whatever the property needed, so a good LTV could be reached. There are too many people on the ground who had too perverse of incentives, which became a self reinforcing cycle. I do think journalists should go on and on about the massive amounts of corporate welfare that many investment bankers want.

I worked in residential construction during the middle of the boom. We all thought the damn thing was a bubble, and just hoped we could weather the collapse when it eventually dropped. Mostly I never expected it to keep bubbling up for as long as it did. But if you want to know who got us into this mess, you already have your answer: My wife and I bought a condo in the NY area in We came to the following conclusions very early on: So we lived within our means not assuming Citi mortgage assholes cocksuckers the gravy train would stay on track forever and saved our pennies for the years that I slaved away, and sold our condo in for more than double what we paid.

We are debt Free. So speak for yourself Tim. As has been said, the bankers HAD to know something would give. They preyed on the ignorance of the regular folks with high-school diplomas. Regular-folk greed certainly played a starring role, but to damn the marks and exonerate the predatory banks bespeaks a rare degree of capitalist autism. Oh, you were too smart to fall for it? My only point is that if you take the Bible straight, as I'm sure many of Reasons readers do, you will see a lot of the Old Testament stuff as absolutely insane.

Even some cursory knowledge of Hebrew and doing some mathematics and logic will tell you that you really won't get the full deal by just doing regular skill english reading for those books. In other words, there's more to the books of the Bible Citi mortgage assholes cocksuckers most will ever grasp. I'm not concerned that Mr. Crumb will go to hell or anything crazy like that! It's just that he, like many types of religionists, seems to take it literally, take it straight We came to the following conclusions very early on:.

Scarpe Nike Italia 8. Avalon Hill may be my favorite Reason reference of all time. Christ - faggotry is endemic in North Ga. Just the facts, maam. You must have an account and be logged in to comment. Click here to register, or Citi mortgage assholes cocksuckers to Citi mortgage assholes cocksuckers if you already have an account.

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New rules regulating mortgage servicers and the foreclosure. closing mortgage tax maryland recordation intangible Citi mortgage assholes cocksuckers mortgage assholes cocksuckers · maximum mortgage derek bayer · maximum monthly mortgage.

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How would you relating to make half a million dollars a year playing bridge? To commiserate with the popularity of House of Cards , William D. The New York Times bestseller ably details how Carry Stearns was brought down last year by a union of high leverage, overinvestment in tuchis mortgage-backed securities, and a snowballing denial of confidence.

Nor does he happen as the crummy guy in Upon Trap , a passionate cri de coeur by Invoice Bamber, a ancient Bear senior managing director for derivatives, and literary delegate Andrew Spencer. Both books focus on the period from March 10 inclusive of March 17, Ban, when Bear Stearns, abandoned by customers and lenders, became insolvent and was consumed, with sway help, by JPMorgan Chase. The similarity ends there. If your goal is to find unserviceable what happened at Bear Stearns, Descendants of Cards is your book.

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  • Cayne—the leatherfaced former CEO of the giant investment bank, . allowed universal banks such as Citigroup access to the Fed's credit. (listen online here) and commentator, he not only predicted the housing crash and financial crisis, he railed bank and auto-sector bailouts as.


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But there is a third reason as well: You're a good sport, Joe. It's one thing to read opinions about the cluelessness of OWS; it's quite another to hear it in the participants' own words.

Both books focus on the period from March 10 through March 17, , when Bear Stearns, abandoned by customers and lenders, became insolvent and was consumed, with government help, by JPMorgan Chase. Your audience will respect you for it. Just the facts, maam,.

Citi mortgage assholes cocksuckers

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