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The main reasons you want to create clear contributor guidelines come down to those two things. You cannot give too much detail here. Take the time to create creative personas. Most sites only want original content, and if this is true for you, say so.

Tell them what you want your blog to achieve. Do you encourage Blog contribution amateur Are you trying to rank for certain keywords? It might seem obvious, but great contributor guidelines are visible on the site.

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Put them in your menu, Blog contribution amateur in your "Blog contribution amateur" so that people who look for them can find them and read them, like this example from Lifehack. Set expectations for authors by including rough time frames in your guidelines. Blog contribution amateur blogs will do hefty editing on pieces after they accept them, whereas others provide feedback so the author can edit the post themselves.

Whichever way you choose to do it, make it clear. Stating your policy Blog contribution amateur process means writers are less likely to email you after publication.

It sets a bar for quality. People often guest post to raise their profile — which is a great strategy — and as such, they may include links to their own website or blog. This is where publications usually give links to writers — in their bio.

And while it may seem obvious what sort of credit and byline your contributors will receive, it never hurts to spell it out. If you only publish one link for each author, state that. If you prefer to publish links to social media rather than websites, make that clear too. Encourage contributors to share and promote the articles they write Blog contribution amateur your blog.

In that vein, this is...

Do you expect authors to respond to post comments for the first week or two after the piece is posted? This saves you wading through your inbox searching for contributor posts. Taking the time to establish solid contributor guidelines for your blog pays off. It also enables your contributors to submit pieces that are more consistent in Blog contribution amateur, voice and topic. More importantly, there should be little doubt about who Blog contribution amateur the rights to any posts, either now or in the future.

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Many hobbyists and amateur scholars...

We heard you loud and clear. You will get a confirmation in your inbox soon. What kind of content writer do you need for your next project? Hal Werner explains the different types of writers and what to expect from each.

Join Joe Griffin, CEO of ClearVoice, and Lindsay Boyajian, Director of Product Marketing at Conductor, as they share their best practices and tips on how to efficiently scale content creation for enterprise teams, from strategy to production and measurement. I have two words for you: Clear contributor guidelines significantly increase the quality of the submissions you receive and the content you publish. Blog contribution amateur also helps "Blog contribution amateur" professionals nail your audience, voice and style.

Now, how do you create...

Guidelines make "Blog contribution amateur" clear who owns what and for how long. Now, how do you create great contributor Blog contribution amateur Your guidelines should also include You should also provide the following information to potential contributors: Voice, tone and style Word count and formatting requirements Topics your blog covers and examples of popular posts Quality expectations Images and media expectations Links and author bio Whom to contact 3.

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