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Why do husbands stop loving their wives

Usually there are signs that...

Deborah is a writer, healer, and teacher. Her goal is to help people live their best lives everyday by sharing her joy and love of life.

Below are eight of the...

It is important to remember that the main goal of marriage should be peace and happiness. So, while this list below may seen daunting, always remember that. If life is stressful, then work on changing your perception. You can see peace instead of stress. You are only one thought away from a peaceful life. If you feel unhappy, seek the things that will fulfill you in life. The simplest route to something is to just be. The only person you can change is yourself.

Also, while both the husband and wife should take responsibility for their part in a marriage, below are ten mistakes common to men. Read on to learn about the behaviors of men which can completely destroy a marriage. One of the quickest ways to destroy your marriage is to leave your wife alone. This means things like spending long hours at work and following it up by a beer or several afterward with the guys.

Then, when you get home, you don't engage her or your children. Why do husbands stop loving their wives, you lose yourself in baseball or computer poker. Also, on the weekends, you'll complain about the messy house, then leave to run errands, and then you don't come back for several hours. One of the most most miserable experiences for a wife is that feeling of isolation when her husband emotionally leaves the relationship. Yes, she has friends and a job. Yes, she spends a lot of time running the kids around and partaking in activities outside of her husband.

It's not the same. Her desire is to spend time with you, the man she loves. To be left alone by her husband causes deep heartache for women. For most women, their largest fears boil down to isolation and deprivation. When she feels abandoned by you, she attacks with hurtful and disrespectful behavior. Her ability to verbally hurt you is her strongest weapon, and she uses it out of fear in an effort to try to get your attention. When a wife begins to nag because you never spend time at home, never hang out with her, and never engage with the kids, chances are she is feeling abandoned and isolated.

When you stop spending time together, the emotional distance between you two grows quickly. Your wife feels energized when she feels close to you. Refusing to let her know you is destructive to her and your marriage. While you strive to keep your independence, she longs to connect with you. It is not fair to either of you if you are only affectionate and attentive on the days you want sex or something from her.

Affection and closeness ought to be an end in themselves, not a means to a different end. Talking is not the only way women feel close, although it is an important one.

Simple ways to fulfill your wife in this area are to hug her often, hold her hand, and to spend some time alone with her. When her need for closeness is met, she will be more inclined to respect your need for independence.

When your wife feels close to you, she will also be more willing to engage with you on a more intimate, sexual level. The important thing to remember is to "Why do husbands stop loving their wives" her feel connected.

Try talking to her about your day, your fears, hopes, and dreams. Hold her hand when you go out together. Kiss her unexpectedly in the kitchen while she makes dinner. Sit next to her. Ask her how she is doing, and for a few minutes, give her your Why do husbands stop loving their wives attention while she answers. A little bit will go a long way and mean everything to her and, in turn, your marriage.

Women exist as an integrated circuit. The mind, body, and soul are closely linked — so, hurt feelings affect the entire system. A wife whose spirit is crushed may suffer from fatigue and confusion.

Like a strand of Christmas lights — when one light goes out, they all go dark. If one light goes out on his strand, all the other lights function properly, unaffected. Men are able to fully function when one area of their lives is not working properly. Your wife does not understand the closed-off and mysterious way you operate. Things don't seem to bother you. You never want to talk to her. She knows you are stressed Why do husbands stop loving their wives work, yet you don't show it or express that further to her.

She wonders how you can even function. Your wife is not trying to pry or sneak her way into no-man's land. She simply wants you to be open. She wants to truly see you. She feels loved when you share your fears, worries, and troubles. She wants to be that person for you and committed to being so when you got married. She won't try to fix you. Try talking to her about what is going on in your life.

Women like to vent, without seeking a solution, and she wants to give you the freedom to share yourself verbally. Even when she doesn't always say it, your wife sees you as her strength. As the bearer of her burdens. When she comes to you for help to lighten the load from the weight Why do husbands stop loving their wives her world, it is a compliment.

She knows you can handle it.

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Rather than trying to resolve and repair every issue, however, try to just listen to her. You might even ask if she needs a solution or just an ear. It will be a relief for both of you when you realize that sometimes you don't have to fix all the problems.

Think back to when you...

Furthermore, when you listen, she will feel like you understand her even if you don't, which is okay. All marriages have conflict. The refusal to apologize is a quick way to destroy Why do husbands stop loving their wives. While conflict is not a pleasant thing, growth and closeness can increase as conflict is resolved. For your wife, an apology means she has moved forward through the conflict, and she is now seeking peace.

Many husbands see apologizing as a sure sign of weakness. They think, "If I apologize, she won't respect me. Your small act of contrition soothes her spirit, and acts as a healing balm over her heart. Furthermore, it shows that you're open and willing to make things work, that you care enough to admit to your faults and move past and through them. Your wife knows she is highly committed to you. When she sees you looking at other women, in the mall, on TV, on the computer, and in other places, she fears that you may be unfaithful and at the very least, it may make her uncomfortable and question your attraction to them, especially if she is solely just looking at you.

Regardless, she is insecure and needs your reassurance, not any belittling, joking, or teasing. These activities all devalues her feelings, which are real. When you stare at a cute young thing as she saunters by, it may be a reminder to your wife of her many Why do husbands stop loving their wives. She feels insecure because she wants to know that you still love her and you looking at other women may not be so reassuring of that.

1. Leaving Her Alone

It's okay for you to look at other women, in fact, it's perfectly natural. The danger is when you are blatant and aggressive, disregarding your wife's feelings and staring in spite of her discomfort. Your wife is motivated by your love and loyalty. She has committed her life to you, and wants to feel secure in the fact that you are equally committed to her.

A big symbol of your loyalty to your wife is a wedding ring. For a Why do husbands stop loving their wives, this is a sign of your fidelity.

A married man without a ring seems to be trying to hide something. This requires very little effort, if any, on your part to reassure your wife in this way, and yet it would mean the world to her. Her peace of mind ought to be worth the cost of an inexpensive, outward expression of your fidelity.

If love is to grow,...

You have nothing to hide. A ring is a simple, outward expression of your devotion to your wife and to your marriage. This small "Why do husbands stop loving their wives" can have deep impact. When your wife feels insecure, she may ask if you still think she is pretty. She may ask if you love her. But the bait and switch that husbands pull can leave many wives The wife fell in love with a man who Why do husbands stop loving their wives attentive, romantic, and tender.

The 10 Biggest Reasons Men Resent Their Wives “A big issue I see in couples is a man resenting his partner because he feels she talks “Withholding sex may make your partner feel less love from you and give you less.

If love is to grow, a husband and wife must continue to bring your own individuality to the 6. You Stopped Caring About Your Appearance.