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Instant Chat HiI have joined mate1 for days now and honestly i haven't "Mateone com login" able to see the online members to chat instantly. Rafael Raldiris Send email. They openly ask you to text them or meet them and hang out. Those who contacted me where from Ghana,Nigeria,Cypress, etc.

They all wanted the same Honey I am so broke. Clean off this site or close it up because it is sex trafficking Mateone com login identity theft oriented.

Hi I thought my service was free. Saw it u call they said they change how stuff goes with service. Charging for months when membership was canceled I joined the site in Mateone com login I has a trial period, it asked for a credit card number. Mateone com login have a paperless credit card account and never checked my statement.

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I received a paper statement in the mail in may I noticed Mate 1 has been taking the It Is over I was able to access emails after the three days which concerned me. I tried to track down a UK "Mateone com login." The address has turned out to be a self storage company in Twickenham who Mateone com login no idea of this.

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I now have to contact my bank to ensure any payments are blocked. This company needs reporting soon as people may not realise they will be charged. Picture not approved I try to upload my picture and it has been Mateone com login review for somedays now, how can i get my picture uploaded without any delay please?

Please get him off this site before he rips more women off like me. The excellent,Plenty of Fish at one dollar ninety nine, is still almost free so I signed on Mateone com login this was the Plenty Of Fish site. I tried to cancel my membership on day two but could not find a customer service number or any information on how to cancel.

I because my bank gave me a phone number, I was able to call what was actually an impostor, called Mate1, so I could explain their error to them. I spoke to a cranky, smug and self-righteous customer service rep who yelped, "You're being recorded". She said that the "Mateone com login" way I could get a refund of my There I discovered a rigid set of rules saying one must use full name what is full name?

One Must provide a nick name. I don't have a nick name so does that mean I don't get a refund. One must provide ones e-mail. I have five, I don't know which one I gave to Plenty of Fish. I needed to send my letter by the U. S, postal service not Fed Ex, UPSnot fax, not e-mail and it must be post dated within 3 days of the charge. How will I ever get the money they have taken from me? Customer service will not help by explaining their refund rules, making them even more impossible to fulfill.

Tired of crap I didn't sign up for Send email. I tried to "log in" so I could delete this so called profile but as mentioned I don't have an account they have my email address and keep sending offending emails but I have to create an account to delete an account I don't have.

I would like to know how I can stop these emails I have no intention of creating a account and I am beyond feed up with them sending me emails that are extremely offensive to me I shouldn't have to deal with this kind of crap even if it is the internet.

Since I upgraded my account I have not been able to enjoy this dating site. I can't even log on to the see who checked on me. This site is a scam. I called the number just for it to stop ringing so I got to talk to no one I want my money restored back into my acct. Mate1 shoddy website I tried mate1 for the introductory 3 days and the site froze every time I logged in wouldn't let me navigate at all I had to keep refreshing my page to get anything accomplished wanted to unsubscribe but couldn't I have finally unsubscribed but not before you took Technical Problems with your Site Your site is down due to technical problems, when will it be back up and running is what i want to know?

How long does it take you guys and girls to fix a problem caused by Java 6. Surely at this stage you have good technical staff that can sort out these issues like taking out your Java and starting with a lesser package. On my computer this normally solves issues why not on your site. Can you give me any idea when this problem will be resolved. Thank you for the many years "Mateone com login" service you have given me through Mat1.

I don't really believe Mate1 is a legitimate dating website I have been on Mate1. There website hosts a lot of "Online Ambassadors" who are essentially shills to make you believe there are really female subscriber, and when you do chat with one of the supposed subscribers who are local in your area, they use spellings like "colour" and "behaviour. Another thing that is disturbing is that the profiles almost never contain pictures, narratives and a lot of the questionnaire parts are left blank.

Also, women in the 30's aren't legitimately looking for men ages 40 - I've also received a lot of identical e-mails. Many of read "I really enjoyed your profile and I can see that we are looking for Mateone com login same things. Most also request that you contact them art their Yahoo or Hotmail account which is poorly disguised in the body of the e-mail.

I am planning on cancelling my Mate1 account, I signed up for Match. My friends, both male and female, have had luck on eHarmony and PerfectMatch. I have yet to meet anyone who had anything positive to say about Mate1, which is too bad because it is the most expensive of the dating websites I've seen.

Mate1 Support Send email. Many similar sites offer only limited support options, some lacking even a Mateone com login number to get "Mateone com login" touch with their staff.

Mateone com login get in touch with our Customer Mateone com login team regarding any issues you are experiencing, or any technical difficulties you have encountered and we'll be happy to try and resolve them with you.

Mateone com login what we're here for! Julio Garcia Send email. My 3 day free trial is over tomorrow. Previous 1 2 Next.


Recently Updated Complaints Edcon - Bad service and no response from Edgars I opened an account online 10 days ago and till "Mateone com login" date i Tn-pay4tn - Refund I never signed up for anything or gave u permission Mateone com login Mango Airlines - 7 hour delay local travel????? Dry brittle and the hair was impossible to My first "Mateone com login" - My first wig Darlene yaki Horrible wig!!!

Dry brittle embarrassing to wear I paid for a dry yaki wig. COM - a charge of There is only one Nutrislicer - Nuterslicer I bought this nuterslicer as a gift for my mom and Consumer complaints and reviews about Mate1.

Information of the Company you are complaining about. Already a Complaint Board member? A confirmation email was sent to " ". To confirm your account, please click the link in the message. If you don't see the email in your Inbox, please check your Spam box. Not a member of Complaint Board? Mateone com login password has been sent to the specified email address.

Mate1, Create a free account, login, sign up on, Mate1 a free on line dating site that gives it users the access to find people in.

Posts about match1 dating login... is an online dating site where you can meet and chat with other singles. The site You will need: Your login username and password. Cant find your site anymore it says page not available or something like that.

are you still Mateone com login cant log in cause you aren't blessings*now it sys .

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