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Holes in my top and bottom

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I'm a beginner so maybe this is really simple, but I'm trying Holes in my top and bottom make multiple holes through a cylinder from top to bottom. As a beginner, I tried boolean, but that of course breaks the mesh into pieces. I'm sure there's "Holes in my top and bottom" way how to do it. Thank you very much for answering.

Alright as promised, I am attaching images that should help to visualize what I am describing. It probably is not the only way of doing it, but it gives you fairly nice control, no triangles and subdivides nicely. First I would create a plane, inset it using I and remove the insides with X.

Secondly I would arrange the shape of holes using the square-holes. I did less than you need, but I am lazy and I think it describes technique well. Third thing would connecting all the holes using Fusing extrusion, and removing doubles every now and then you should be able to get to get the fairly round shaped thingie with holes arranged as you want.

Next, I have extruded border out and smoothed it out pressing Space followed by 1 this "spheres it out" as much as possible.

I have holes on the...

At this point I made sure to count how many vertices there are on the border of the object. For me it was Then I Holes in my top and bottom added a cylinder with the same amount of verts 28 and removed it's cap and then connected it with the hole-thingie, Using F.

I think this information helps you out, if not, let me know, I will try to describe it more clearly: This is a modeling approach to reproducing your reference Holes in my top and bottom. It's even more work than internetofmine's, I'm afraid I haven't included all the shortcuts yet.

Because this is essentially a Sub-D approach, you'll see Holes in my top and bottom illustrations flip between subdivision level 2 Ctrl 2 and 0 Ctrl 0which you do all the time if you work that way. First, center your reference image. Having Holes in my top and bottom the reference as a plane, uniformly scale and move it about until the central hole lines up with the circle.

Ctrl Alt C set the plane's origin to the 3D cursor. Assign a subsurface modifier level 2, and scaling the reference about the 3D cursor to center the holes, but scaling the holes in the faces with the pivot set to Individual Origins to resize the holes, find the right base-shape for the mesh elements, but still with an outer cell radius of 1.

Now we can switch off the subsurface modifier, and delete a few faces, to leave us with a 2-cell element, suitable for making an array. You will need to move the holes a bit, too. Make 2 cuts with K the knife tool. One vertically, Holes in my top and bottom point from the central hole, and the other in the 11 o'clock direction constrained to the center of the edges it passes, by holding Ctrl.

Hover over the geometry outside the wedge, select linked Land delete it, leaving the wedge. I've brought our measuring-circle back to life to use as the object for the array offset. Select any edges from your cut seams that were not part of the geometry before you made the cuts Apply the Mirror and Array Modifiers. The edges you selected in step 17 should still be selected: Alt Select the perimeter edge-loop, and make it into a circle. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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I have holes on the...

How to do multiple holes Holes in my top and bottom a cylinder from top to bottom? This is a tricky thing to do, especially as a beginner. If it doesnt have to be done with geometry I would use a material with transparency controlled by a texture with holes.

It is not trival, I will answer it more fully when out of work, unless someone else answers by then: What did you mean by "Breaks the mesh into pieces"?

Discover why you get little...

I just created a Cylinder and an array of Cylinders and then used the Boolean Modifier to create the Difference. I can then apply the modifier and get rid of all the extra objects. Well, can you then use subsurf? I tried this approach even with starting with high poly meshes, trying avoid subsurf, but still wasn't good and the mesh was not clear at all. Can you please show how does your mesh look? Finally added subidivision surface modifier and smooth shading. Lot of work, but looks really promising.

I will try probably after the weekend and I'll definitely mark your answer as correct. Yar it's always a lot of tedious work Holes in my top and bottom when you want your stuff look good in 3d: You could try Robin Belts answer as well, it does require more steps but is also a very promising way of achieving your goal: This helped a lot, thank you! If you do decide to try it, and get stuck, comment and I'll edit the answer.

Ctrl Alt C set the plane's origin to the 3D cursor Create another six-sided mesh circle with radius 1, Fill, Inset, Delete central face. The second is Holes in my top and bottom to Holes in my top and bottom constant offset in Y of 3. Up the counts to cover the reference holes. Alt -Select the outer edges of the original cell rim.

After making a duplicate for safety, apply the array modifiers. The edges should still be selected. Dissolve them, and the resulting topology should be as shown. One vertically, point-to point from the central hole, and the other in the 11 o'clock direction constrained to the center of the edges it passes, by holding Ctrl Ensuring no other edges are selected after the operation, rip the cuts.

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V Hover over the geometry outside the wedge, select linked Land delete it, leaving the wedge. Set the array Count to Holes in my top and bottom, and rotate its offset object in Z by 60 degrees. Delete any geometry which is not part of the rims of the holes in the reference image.

The rest is extrusions. But it has some techniques I've found useful elsewhere. Robin Betts 4, 1 6 Interesting method, but I as a beginner didn't make it work by this method: I got stuck in the array section I will play with it little bit more when I Holes in my top and bottom this model. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name.

Blender Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. For the solid shell, ideaMaker allows you to specify how many solid layers you want on the top and bottom and the top of your part. For example, if you were. Riddle – Holes in the bottom, the left and the right. Prev Article Next Riddle – I like to twirl Holes in my top and bottom body but keep my head · World Wide Trivia. My Otterbox Defender case for Pixel 2 features two holes and when I look down it looks like there's a tiny hole or indention on the top and.

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