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Certainly nobody will ever find it strange if your spouse comes in and scrubs your back or helps shave your pubes.

My mom was a great looking woman and as a teenager, quite frankly I was turned on by seeing her nude. As it happened, she enjoyed having me watch her and herself Naked wife forum looking at me naked. Was it a sexual attraction?

But it was real and not a fantasy and we both had fun with it. I would come out the bathroom in just towel and then dry off in bedroom and she sometimes saw.

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I did get embaressed couple of times. Between 12 and 18 there were couple of times it was a little arousing or embaressing or both. Having comments about my bum or my small wisp of chest Naked wife forum. When i was 12 and dryign offf once, she cam in to put washing on bed for me to put away and said hi cute bum and as i turned round i noticed she looked me up and down and wolf whistled then walked out.

That i thougth was embaressing but not in a bad way. Had a bath and hobbled back to my bedroom to dry off.

With it paining me i sat on bed drying off and my mum came in to ask if i was ok. Told me to lie on the bed and she got the Naked wife forum heat and sprayed in on my ankle. I was completely nude. Mum was wearing a shortish nitie and it was low. As she moved round a bit i saw one fully down her nitie and i could feel stirrings in my penis. As she moved round i saw in mirror on the wardrobe door a rar view of her legs and the bottom of her bum cheeks.

It was a delightful sight. Some small talk took place, tho i wasnt really listening. I was trying Naked wife forum keep my stirrign erection at bay which by now i think was at semi status. I noticed her look twice at it and some comment about it lucky girls later in life. And i got a real quick flash of her pussy as she truend round and picked up the deep heat off the floor and saw everything.

That was toio Naked wife forum and i went fully erect. She turnd round to apply one last bit and saw my erection. She sat on the bed and put my foot in her lap to massage it and said Oh dont worry, Seen a few of them in my time, tho not as nice. She massaged the ankle only for a couple of minutes then said i best leave you to it Naked wife forum. Stood up put the deep heat on shlf above my bed giving me a quick veiw as she stood over me then leaned over and kissed me on the forehead and put her hand on my tummy.

As she left she turned and winked at me. Second time after hopsital treatment on a sevrer injury to my hand, i was 16 and had one arm in plaster after an accident. It would remain in plaster for 18 months or so. Most of time i was independant and wouldnt accept help with cutting food or carrying things.

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One day i was havign a bad time with the hand and wrist. Whe i was hoe i said i was going to have a bath. I went off Naked wife forum managed to get in and have a long soak.

My mum asked if i wanted a drink or anythin and asked for something cold. She came in and sat on the toilet seat and asked if everthing was ok.

I told her about the day i had. I then decided to get out the Naked wife forum and slipped. She asked if i needed help and at first i said no, then tried again and slipped again knocking my wrist which pained me. She came over and crouched down by side of the bath asi was in pain but more upset at not being able to do simple things.

She kissed me a couple times onhead and on lips and Naked wife forum got her hair wet as i put my good hand over her neck to hug her. She splashed me then said come on i will help you up.

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