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Pretty femdom pics


Mostly femdom porn tumblrs, along with a "Pretty femdom pics" blogs and wikis. While there are a few femdom artwork sites here, this is mostly for photographic sources. See my artwork pages for a better selection of femdom artwork. Note that the different groupings are very approximate, based purely on the images they carried when I looked at them. Those featuring mostly couples, groups or a mixture of solo shots go into the general section.

Congratulations on your site! I noticed you criticism of the Carmenica Diaz site. I thought you were a little harsh.

Ms Diaz, to her credit, goes to great pains to acknowledge the artists featured on her site and where this is not known, asks her readers for any information they might have, so acknowledgement can be given at a later date. I am impressed with the trouble she takes with this and I can live with a few frames around the images!

But thanks for the kind words about the site. Glad you enjoy it. But I stand by my comments around adding the image borders. In many cases the borders are bigger and more obvious than the watermark the original content creator chose to add.

And if everyone started modifying the images they were simply re-posting life would be a lot harder for all of us. Phil drew my attention to your site and it is quite nice so thanks promoting my blog, albeit it in an insulting way. It is a little sad that you form Pretty femdom pics firm opinion without asking me why I present the pictures in a particular way.

If you feel like linking to my site in that way then go for it. Put whatever you want there. I actually said nothing about you personally, I only commented on a particular practice and style of blogging. In contrast your comment was a very personal attack. If you have a particular reason for presenting pictures a certain way then feel free to leave a comment here or email Pretty femdom pics or whatever to "Pretty femdom pics" it. Happy to chat about it or be educated.

That seems pretty fair. That frames certainly do attract undue attention given the images are simply reposted. Not really sure how you get to that from my comments. Again feel free to educate me. If Pretty femdom pics makes me egotistical then so is every other blogger out there. Not person or blogger or webmaster. You think that matters? Is male also a form of Pretty femdom pics, along with the egotistical and close minded bit? Oh dear, you seem to be rather sensitive to humorous criticism.

For those who are interested to discover why the frames are there, read my FAQ. And I Pretty femdom pics anyone who does reblog one of your images is far more likely to cut off a frame Pretty femdom pics your URL Pretty femdom pics it than they would be a frame with a proper artist credit tag on it.

After all some bloggers may feel a moral compulsion to retain the artist information, but I doubt any Pretty femdom pics a moral compulsion to advertise your site. That will continue to be my philosophy.

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Not to further self-promote, but to clarify: Thank you for introducing Femdom Empire tumblr. I have more femdom oriented blog in tumblr. Below is my Femdom blog on tumblr that has mostly FemDom images and the second one is another blog that is very hot and has a submissive focus!

Both updated daily or at least every other day. Here are 2 excellent excellent Tumblr blogs that came to my attention. Paltego — This is a site you may want to Pretty femdom pics listing. Interesting for those of us that have been around in the area for a long time.

Thanks for the prompt and pointer. If downloading is allowed, how do I do that? I like to have things in my computer independent from internet connection. Depends on the browser you are using. But typically a right click on the image will give you the option Pretty femdom pics save the image locally. Thank You for such amazing site! I visit it several times a Pretty femdom pics, and find so many new and interesting things during each visit.

Glad you like it. And thanks for sharing the links and images from your website. I appreciated that and was Pretty femdom pics to feature a post on them. I know medical supply stores only sell to registered medical offices and such. And anyway I am looking for a gyno chair where you can strap a person down to Pretty femdom pics chair, as well as strap their arms down and strap their legs and Pretty femdom pics to knee crutches and foot stirrup to hold the legs in place.

Your email address will not be published. Tumblr femdom sites Note that the different groupings are very approximate, based purely on the images they carried when I looked at them. Consensual Spanking features a nice mixture of spanking shots. Contemplating the divine is a blog featuring captioned femdom images. Femdom Artists has regular artwork blog posts, often featuring examples of more unusual and obscure femdom material. Femdom Empire is a blog featuring regular femdom image posts.

New Femdom Images Page. Twiddling with the blogroll. Thanking you once more for all your sterling efforts. Perhaps I could promote your site as follows: I am too polite. What a fascinating comment. So many things to respond to….

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Happiness is the moment before impact. The beauty of the visual.

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Thanks again for the mention!! Hi, My tumblr is now active again after a break due to illness. I try to emphasize the FUN side of bdsm. I have been following your blog forever. You might list us on your page. We are a Pretty femdom pics couple and post daily on tumblr. Thank you very much for adding my site to this amazing collection of links.

Well… it looks like Tumblr completly turned off all adult sites. Leave "Pretty femdom pics" Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Free Femdom Galleries Everyday. Your best sourse Pretty femdom pics femdom pics, Free Granny Porn Daily updated granny porn movies, Public Nudity Pics Beautiful mistress Irina humiliating masked slave in front of the brick wall · Harmony, Riki Fixit. ~Temple of the Goddess~ FemDom pics and more.

- Page - Literotica So go make yourself look pretty and worship your Mistress. Oh yes please miss. It's for people who like looking at beautiful, expressive, Pretty femdom pics MEN. Below is my Femdom blog on tumblr that has mostly FemDom images and the.