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Orgasm through feet


Ever had an orgasm that originated in one of your feet? But if you have, you're not alone -- and there's a team of Dutch researchers who'd like to hear from you. Orgasm through feet, a little background: Ina year-old woman living in The Netherlands who identifies as "Mrs.

A" went to see a doctor because she was having five or six spontaneous orgasms a day that seemed to originate in her Orgasm through feet footaccording to LiveScience. Finding these spontaneous sensations embarrassing and anxiety-inducing, she consulted a doctor.

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Doctors soon learned that Mrs. A had suffered from a severe infection a few years earlier that left tingling and burning sensations in her left foot. Doctors concluded that Mrs.

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A's foot orgasms were happening because the nerve damage caused by her infection made it so that her brain "could not differentiate which information came from her left foot and which information came from her genitals.

As a result, the brain decided that sensory information from the left Orgasm through feet was Orgasm through feet to the information from the vagina. Thus, the brain translated information from the foot as being an orgasm," Marcel D. Waldinger wrote on a website about his research. Doctors injected anesthesia Orgasm through feet the spinal nerve that receives sensory information from the foot, and the orgasms stopped.

In rare instances, however, the...

A's FOS is the first known case, but now researchers are looking for other people who suffer from it. After all, the nerve that receives sensory information Orgasm through feet the foot and the vagina enter the spinal cord at the same level -- Mrs.

Orgasm through feet can't be only one. Spontaneous orgasms don't just come from the feet. In good or bad news for exercisers depending on how you look at itsomething called a "coregasm" also exists. Orgasm through feet study found that News Politics Entertainment Communities. Opinion HuffPost Personal Videos. Foot orgasm syndrome exists and despite it's name, it's not a good thing. One of my earliest memories is having a "foot orgasm". I can perform this action at will.

There's no refractory period, as such, but the sensations.

Ever had an orgasm that...

In rare instances, however, the foot-orgasm connection goes much, in nature to orgasms she had experienced through genital stimulation. For a man, the soles of the feet are a pleasure point.

This is where the phrase Orgasm through feet toe-curling orgasm" comes from: There's a real link between a.

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