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Benefits of dating someone with autism


If you go clothes shopping with them, try something on and ask for their opinion - they will honestly give it! Their responses can hurt your feelings, but when they give you praise, or say they like something, it means so much because you know they mean it.

Those with autism often take things literally, so if you have an argument with them and tell them to go away meaning to perhaps go to another room so that you stop arguing with each other they may walk out of the home with no intention of ever returning. You have to be clear with Benefits of dating someone with autism you explain things to them, even saying Benefits of dating someone with autism some food you are eating is sharp can make them think Benefits of dating someone with autism have just eaten some food which was physically sharp which may have hurt you.

Or if you tell them to wait a minute, they will assume you literally mean wait for one minute. For many with autism they see things as being black and white; things are either good or bad and they can overreact to things going to extremes.

So if you tell them to go away they may think you mean go away for good and never return and that this is the end of the relationship. If they are talking too loudly and you tell them to talk quieter they may stop talking altogether.

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They may think unrealistic catastrophic outcomes to things, like thinking that if they pull their bankcard out of a chip and pin machine before the notification to remove the card is showing on screen they will wipe their bank balance and bring down the whole system in the shop, making everything crash.

This, for them, is the safe option.

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Some things may not cross their mind; they can focus on their interests so much that they forget to pay you attention, so you need to get their attention and instigate the affection. Often as they learn, they get better at consciously deciding to do these things.

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Most people with autism develop intense interests. Most of their time will be spent focused on what they are interested in and when they talk Benefits of dating someone with autism people they want to talk about their interest, often for many hours expecting everyone to be as interested in the subject as they are.

They often have very little time for talking about anything else and can be blunt with people about how they are boring them when others start talking about a different topic. One of the advantages of them being in a relationship is that they have to learn to listen to another person and you can help them to understand when to focus on others and why this is helpful, helping them learn to vary their conversation.

They often keep the same interests and tastes over decades, perhaps even for life, whereas other Benefits of dating someone with autism may have their taste in music for example, change over time. They may wear the same clothes every day, year Benefits of dating someone with autism year, rather than update their wardrobe. They may have the same haircut year after year, with no change in style. Once they fall in love they are often a devoted and loyal partner.

When change happens, they can get angry or anxious. He has almost 20 years of professional experience working with people with autism and their parents and carers.

His new book Look Into My Eyes: The book takes you on a journey into the mind of someone with autism, letting you see Benefits of dating someone with autism world through autistic eyes, as well as sharing tips and strategies for those living and working with an autism sufferer. Home Entertainment Books Author Interviews. Though the American Psychiatric Association defines autism as a.

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Since so much of dating for adults with autism is trial by error, the risk of. I recently started dating a Benefits of dating someone with autism who has high functioning autism. He is very different from Your relationship will benefit enormously. There are. Dan Jones tells us what to expect when dating someone with autism upon One of the advantages of them being in a relationship is that they.

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