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Getting ahead of ourselves for our mutual enjoyment, what would be the updates that would really make VL4 worth the upgrade. Here's my wishlist, in no particular order. A way to re-order effects. POD does this pretty decently 2.

At least one two would be better FX Loops that can be re-ordered as effects. I tend to use my VL3 straight to the board. I would love to have 4 balanced instrument outs. They should be configurable so they can be two separate stereo pairs. This would let me run a keyboard and a guitar and have them on different channels on the FOH board, or, as is my use scenerio, Guitar, Dobro, Electric Guitar, and Lap Steel on different channels.

Integrated computer based management software. I use a mac, so the current option doesn't help me. Loop buttons assignable to Switch 6 or similar. More flexible button mapping. There's been some great work here already. For instance, the ability to put guitar switches on the vocal layer and reversed is very helpful.

However, being able to assign presets to buttons as an alternate board setup would allow the pedal to adapt to the player instead of the other way around. I would also be ok if this was just a variety of preset options to choose from. For instance, on the looping layer it would be great to be able to turn off loop B and C and get a few more options on the home set of buttons. Here would be my ideal set of buttons.

For those making heavy use of the step button, being able to set a few more options up for what happens when the step takes place would be neat. Here's a usage Chat chat hookup jpg compressors unlimited international When I play Oh, Shenandoah, I start out with an acoustic guitar and single vocal. Hitting Step from that preset moves to step two which adds harmony. Hitting step again keeps the current settings, but starts the looper using just the guitar input.

It would be user pre-programming heavy, but would be great for stage use for rehearsed songs. Even better if expression pedals from one could be set up to control the Chat chat hookup jpg compressors unlimited international parameter on all.

For instance, allowing the band to swell the reverb in a song section. If it's fun for you, throw in a couple of pennies.

Is Chat chat hookup jpg compressors unlimited international a VL4 wish-post? When we switch to mic looping source, it would be fun to be able to change mic parameters, for example switch on choir for backing vocals looped, or Chat chat hookup jpg compressors unlimited international mic gain automatically so it does not get too much bleed from the rest of the loop or sounds.

Make unit lower part higher, cause I think most people use a pedalboard, so sometimes its hard to press lower buttons i use PT3. A bit larger screen. A Tom Lang hologram explaining features instead of a boring manual this is a must. Get to work guys!!! Heya all, Definitely throw any and all ideas you have in this thread. We're still way out from a VL4, but it's definitely on our minds and we're starting to formulate the plan for what it will and will not be.

I look forward to what you come up with! To reiterate my February 17, post - with some new additions 1. Backlit buttons Has the design team ever considered implementing a backlit display to the control panel buttons?

Genre, Setup, Store, Home, Vocal, etc. Given, after using the unit for a while I become familiar with the locations, VoiceLive2 was more tactile because of physical buttons.

That would surely put the spotlight on us. It would be nice to simply turn the preset knob once to left to get to the last preset. Also, the other option would be a numerical entry to enter the preset number. Consequently, a blank preset can be created at the start of each "pack" and named them to identify the group of presets that follow them.

That can be a benefit if you want to quickly get back to preset 1 for example.

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I'll certainly bring up the idea again though I'll take a look at the Genre tagging for the BodyRez presets and see what's going on there. Playing solo and with a band, it would be great to be able to label presets as belonging to one or the other so I can avoid the other stuff in rehearsal settings. Have a great day. I am playing guitar or keyboard and singing.

Sometimes I press 2 buttons instead of Chat chat hookup jpg compressors unlimited international button ou press the wrong button typycally "double" when I want Hit I want a mode that no matter what button i press is equal to press the hit button or press the step button, for example. Of course there has to be a way to "unlock" this perhaps with 2 button press like the tune mode, etc. Better yet if this parameter is saved with the preset, so i would use it in one song and do not use it on another, for instance.

You have this for guitar This will be great to change your voice for different songs. Like copy only the guitar reverb from one preset to another It would be perfect if it has a copy to function in each page i.

And for icing on the cake: You are doing a great job, but 24 ms latency Chat chat hookup jpg compressors unlimited international still VERY noticeable Oh, man, Paulo's 1 is my dream come true without even realizing I wanted it.

Ability to set input gain per preset to accomodate different instruments. I know it's not the same thing, but you can achieve pseudo "input gain" on the guitar layer AMP simulation, if you use them. But I agree, a system level Guitar input gain isn't enough control.

Each preset would do well with guitar and vocal input gain controls. For Guitar Load your preset Select Guitar on the left side of the unit Scroll all the way to the right until you get to the tab "Preset" There you'll find the guitar input Trim. As much has this has been discussed, TC Helicon just dropped it in without making a whole YouTube video about it?

Page 90 is talking about the Setup tab. That tab is global, not preset based. Do I have that right? Sorry Galen, simply follow my instructions, I thought I read about it on page I'll look around more. The trim levels I'm referring to are at the preset level in the instructions above.

I'll need to give it a whirl tomorrow but I'm worried that's a mixer level change since the usage scenario is to change volume problems post effect. I want to control input gain so I'm getting the best signal to noise ratio I can.

Switching from piezo "Chat chat hookup jpg compressors unlimited international" p90 equipped guitars can make some weirdness take place.

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The p90s can clip at input on hard strums while leaving the acoustic guitar almost inaudible on finger plucked passages. If I limit my dynamic range on the instruments it "Chat chat hookup jpg compressors unlimited international" ok, but I'd love to be soft able to really set up both guitars. It reminded me of a feature I have on other devices, that would be useful to have on the VL.

It doesn't matter that the pack is hanging out or looks unsightly. What matters is that street buskers who are the majority will finally able to leave Chat chat hookup jpg compressors unlimited international fx pedals and loopers at home and enjoy everything in one package, topped off with harmonies and bass lines. This product is ideal for one man bands roaming the streets. Untill you address this we will be stuck with the myriad of boss pedals required to do the trick.

If they can do it with amps, you can do it too. You can do it!! We should be able to save them with our own names. I would recommend you put in the main Indian and modal ones but we should still be able to change the names This is so easy for you to incorporate and would open you up to Bollywood, Middleeast etc. It would be a massive service to humanity as western and pouplar music could be coaxed out of its default settings, always stuck with the same old melodies in different orders. OK now ive given you a whole new emerging market, a couple of things Chat chat hookup jpg compressors unlimited international can do just for me: It it very precarious and a hassle using an extra shaving adaptor.

I don't personally need the reverse delays, but a shimmer reverb would be awesome. Being able to go microtonal with custom scales would also be really cool. But changing the adaptor, that is the grail. Regarding preset button "wrap", I think TCH could easily program it to do the following: So it's a Chat chat hookup jpg compressors unlimited international of the unit knowing that a hold will stop at the lowest or highest preset, depending on which direction the user wants to go, and then a release and press wraps past the limit.

Regarding battery packs, they can easily be made with external batteries and a power plug that matches the dimensions of the existing one. Of course the voltage supplied must be 12V and the battery capacity must source at least a steady 1 Amp.

Not sure if AAs would do the trick as suggested in a previous postbut there are all sorts of batteries available these days and with a little ingenuity one can easily make one for himself. Mermaid I wanted a page that I could try to fill with idea is that you get stuck in a conversation with something that really likes talking, crushing, especially on top of all the other stuff yo start to go "i can't talk right, Story: Supporting Members list unlimited gear with no listing Chat chat hookup jpg compressors unlimited international in the Classifieds and get 10% off everything all the time at the TB Store.

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